Streamera Premium

Fully Customize the Viewer Experience

Don't have your own website? Rely on your unique Streamera channel page to host your events. Customize your page to align with your brand and highlight past broadcasts, upcoming shows, and other important information.

Streamera Premium is a unique viewing experience. Over your Premium channel page you can rebrand every single textual, graphical and link element on your page and in the player. You can have a complementary destination in line with your existing web presence or completely hide your channel page at by redirecting every request to your site.

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Player Ready-to-GO for your website

With Streamera Premium you can embed the player in your corporate site, social network or e-commerce initiative with a fully customizable appearance that fits your specific brand and style.

Become a broadcaster

Insert your own logo in the channel player

Customize your player by uploading your company logo; in this way your brand will always be in the foreground during your live and on-demand streaming.

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Redirect your channel to your website

Streamera gives you the chance to automatically redirect your channel viewers to your website

Become a broadcaster