Streamera Premium

Embed Your Player in Your Blog or WebSite

With Streamera Premium you can share your live event in your corporate site, social network or e-commerce initiative embedding the Streamera player in order to increase your audience, with a fully customizable appearance that fits your specific brand and style.

Integrate in a few seconds your player into any website or blog with our easy embed function copy-and-paste.

Need to control access to your videos or streams? With just a few clicks, you can password-protect your content and get additional controls as geographic controls and choose which domains can carry your content; you can even remove your content from the Streamera website.

Become a broadcaster

Get your audience

You can embed your Streamera channel player on your website or blog to get a wider audience. With Facebook and Twitter connect, you can broadcast live on your FanPage or Profile as well and be promoted and seen on the social network.

Become a broadcaster