Streamera Premium

Broadcast Live from multiple sources

Streamera enables professional broadcasting with a single click. You can instantly switch between multiple sources using professional HD video cameras or the cheapest webcams.

Manage up to 6 concurrent streaming thanks to the sophisticated Broadcaster Studio provided by Streamera. You can define the production team that will participate in the production of you audio-video content. Invite your collaborators via email and define the level of participation for each of them.

Become a broadcaster

Go live from anywhere: Stream and View From Your Mobile Phone

No longer confined to desktop computers, Streamera broadcasts are viewable on all devices.

Streamera's iPhone, iPad and Android apps allow you to broadcast live video from anywhere. Share moments or capture breaking news events in real-time, wherever and whenever they happen. Allows broadcasting on 3G, 4G/LTE and WiFi.

Become a broadcaster