1. My Broadcaster Studio is not working, why?Maybe your OS (Operating System), browser, Flash Player (version required: 11 or successive), and webcam driver need to be updated. Ensure no other webcam software is running and your lens cap is removed. Maybe your webcam is incompatible with Streamera: try with another one. Be sure that Streamera is not blocked due to a firewall issue. Clear your browser cache and cookies.
  2. Is my camera compatible with Streamera?Many webcams / video cameras are compatible with Streamera: the best way to find it out is to plug in and test it. If your camera is not supported by the Broadcaster Studio, please try with an external encoder, like Flash Media Live Encoder or Wirecast.
  3. How do I start broadcasting?Simply click the GO LIVE button you find in the Home Page when you are logged in. Select the channel you want to broadcast on, among the ones you have or create a new channel. Then the Broadcaster Studio will be automatically opened and you can start broadcasting by clicking the "LIVE" button or the "LIVE&REC" button (if you want to save your live streaming).
  4. As a Premium user, how can I broadcast in high-quality?To broadcast in HD you need a device able to shoot in high-quality and you have to set the bitrate in the Broadcaster Studio (from 500 to 2.100 Kbps).
  5. Can I use a video camera to broadcast?Yes, Streamera enables you to work with a large number of inputs. Be sure you select "Allow camera" and not "Deny" when Flash attempts to access it while entering the Broadcaster Studio; choose your camera input by selecting the correct source from the dropdown menu in the Broadcaster Studio. If your camera is not being recognized it may be due to an issue with Flash compatibility or it may not have been recognized by the OS audio-video capture card. If your camera is not supported by the Broadcaster Studio, please try with an external encoder, like Flash Media Live Encoder or Wirecast.
  6. What are the options to broadcast on Streamera?You can broadcast on Streamera through the browser-based way (, using a PC/Mac with a webcam or a videocamera. You may also broadcast from your smartphone or tablet, through the free apps.
  7. What is the bandwidth and speed needed to broadcast?A broadband connection is generally recommended, however you can broadcast with at least 300 kbps of upload bandwidth (700 Kbps to stream in HD). Speed depends on your internet connection and will vary with different types of connection (DSL, Cable, Fibre, Wi-fi, etc) and the traffic while you're broadcasting. Check this website to see if you have the necessary upload connection speed.
  8. My broadcast keeps disconnecting, why?You may have problems with the internet connection, due to an overload of internet traffic, slow connections or outages. We recommend using a wired ethernet connection and try to lower the stream quality and the bitrate from the Broadcaster Studio.
  9. When I go Live, the stream on my channel is some seconds delayed. Is it normal?Yes it is. Usually the stream flow comes to your channel some seconds later (from 2 to 5 seconds), depending on your internet connection and the device you are using. Note that a HD Stream requires a longer time for buffering.
  10. People who usually watch my channel have a very low connection speed and for that reason cannot enjoy my stream. What can I do?If your viewers have a very low connection speed, reduce your audio / video quality from your Broadcaster Studio settings.
  11. What is the maximum number of concurrent viewers who can watch my channel?It depends on the channel. Free Channels are currently limited to 50 concurrent viewers. In a Premium Channels there isn't any theoretical upper limit for the number of concurrent viewers. However, Premium users are able to set a limit, in My Tv > Advanced > Audience Control.
  12. Can I set a maximum number of viewers who can watch my Premium Channel?Yes, you can decide what is the maximum number of concurrent viewers: go to "My Tv" area, select the channel, click "Advanced" > "Access Control" and type the number in "Max Number"; after that click "Save".
  13. Can I add text over my live streaming?Yes, the Broadcaster Studio allows you to add a title and a subtitle to your live streaming; you can also add a RSS Feed url or the tweets that contain the hashtag you have chosen.
  14. Can I overlay Tweets posts containing a specific hashtag in my live streams?Yes. Open the Broadcaster Studio, type a hashtag, flag "Active" and click on "Apply".
  15. Recorded video is shortened. Why?This may be due to a disruption with internet connection. Please ensure you have a stable connection. Use a wired ethernet connection for best results. Note that, using a free Channel, your recordings can last up to 150 minutes (2 hours and half), whereas using a Premium channel they can last up to 300 minutes (5 hours).
  16. I have broadcasted a stream but it hasn't been saved in my library. Why?It happened because in the Broadcaster Studio you clicked the "Live" button instead of clicking the "Live & Rec" one. If you're using a mobile device, please make sure you switch on the "Save Recordings" button in settings; after the stream click the "Save" button.
  17. Can I stream my desktop?No, at the moment Streamera does not offer this issue but we are working on it.
  18. As a premium user, can I use an external encoder as Flash Media Live Encoder or Wirecast to broadcast?Yes, Streamera allows Premium users to use external encoders as Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder (FMLE) or Wirecast to broadcast live in high quality. Here you can find all the compatible hardware and software encoders.
  19. Do you provide a configuration file to broadcast with Flash Media Live Encoder or Wirecast?Yes, you can download the .xml configuration file in My Tv > Advanced > External access.
  20. Which audio/video codecs do I have to set to broadcast using an external encoder?* video codec: H.264
    * audio codec: AAC (MP3 in Flash Media Live Encoder su Windows)
    * sample audio rate: 44100 hz (ios requirement)
    Here you can find some more information: My Tv > Advanced > External access.
  21. What happens if when using an external encoder, I set the bitrate to a value higher than 2.100 kbps?Live streaming and on-demand content with a bitrate higher than 2.100 kbps won't be available for your audience.
  22. Can I broadcast in 16:9 resolution?Yes, the Broadcaster Studio allows you to select the resolution, according to your needs.
  23. Can I manage a multi-camera console and invite other cameramen to contribute to my live streaming?Yes, Streamera Premium provides you with a true multi-camera console. Go to the "My TV" area, select the channel, click on "Direction", type a name and click "Create"; in the "Send camera info to" field type the email address of the cameraman that you want to invite, then click "Create". The operator will receive an email with a link and credentials that will enable them to contribute to your live streaming.
  24. How does the cameraman manage to send his audio/video stream to my Multi-Camera Editing?Once your operator receives his credentials via email, he will have to click on this link to access the Broadcaster Studio and send his stream to your Multi-Camera Editing (your Broadcaster Studio). Alternatively, the cameraman can use an external encoder (in the e-mail he will receive all the information and the parameters to configure the encoder) or the Streamera app for smartphones and tablets, to send you his content.
  25. How do I switch the live stream from one camera operator to another?Once you have added your cameramen, by opening the Broadcaster Studio you can see their streams (if they are broadcasting). Once you click the "LIVE" button your live streaming will start and you can switch from one stream to another in real time.