1. Where can I find the Streamera app for the Android - based devices?Please find Streamera app in Google Play.
    Please note: available for Android 4.0.3 or successive.
  2. Will my mobile app have all the features as the website?No. Due to mobile device limitations, not all features on Streamera's website are on our mobile apps (delete a channel, choose logo and images, ecc).
  3. Do I need to install Adobe Flash Player or any other plug-in in order to watch content on Streamera from smartphones and tablets?No, you don't need to install any plug-in, because Streamera uses the HTML 5 protocol.
  4. I can't watch a live stream on my smartphone / tablet. Why?Your device may not support the streaming quality of the channel you are watching.
    Streamera allows you to watch both live and on-demand streaming from your smartphone / tablet; the only current limitation relates to the playlists, which are not supported on smartphone / tablet.