1. Is it possible to earn revenue from my broadcasts by integrating advertising videos and text overlays?Yes it is. Premium channels are conceived as ad‐free (contrary to Streamera Free), but you can exploit the possibility of integrating with the supported ADV network Google ADSense (utilizing your existing AdSense account or creating a new one). In this way you can earn from your broadcasts by integrating advertising videos and text overlays to your channel. Go to "My Tv area > Advanced > Custom Advertising" to insert ads within the channel player using the VAST protocol (Video Ad-Serving Template). For more information about Google AdSense and the VAST protocol, please click here.
  2. Is it possible to collect donations from my viewers?Yes, Streamera gives you the chance to collect donations from your viewers via PayPal Donations, an easy way for you to accept credit card and bank account donations. Go to "My Tv area > Monetize" to Integrate PayPal Donations with your Web TV by adding the “Donate” button.
  3. Can I offer a Pay-Per-View event using my Streamera Premium Channel?At the moment Streamera does not offer a Pay-Per-View monetization platform but we are working on it.