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Streamera is the free live broadcasting platform that can be easily used to create your own Web-Tv and broadcast your events live and on-demand.

Become a broadcaster

Live Broadcasting anywhere

With Streamera it has never been easier to create and share video content in real time.

All you need is a PC with a webcam and an internet connection. For a better quality you can use your video camera plugged into your PC. Through the Broadcaster page (no need to download and install any program) you can set your live transmission on your own channel in a few seconds adding extras such as titles and subtitles, and even enabling the chat.

Download the Streamera App for your smartphone or tablet and broadcast your live streaming anywhere you are using wi-fi or 3G connection.

Become a broadcaster

With Streamera you can...

...share the special events of your life, report in real time what's happening around you and make the world hear your voice. Create your WebTv, bring out the full potential of your creativity and take over the role of a street reporter telling the close-up stories of your neighbourhood life.

With Streamera now you have the chance to online broadcast your performance live worldwide: show how good you are in your sport team or how a good music performer you are! You can even create and broadcast your own Reality Show!

If you are looking for a greater professional audience, discover our Premium Service for an ensured HD quality of service! You can also upload your videos, create your playlist and broadcast 24h a day.

Become a broadcaster

Get your audience

Integrate in a few seconds your player into your website or blog with our easy embed function copy-and-paste.

With Streamera you can embed your player in your corporate site or e-commerce initiative to increase your audience, with a fully customizable appearance that fits your specific brand and style.

With Facebook and Twitter connection, you can broadcast live on your FanPage or Profile as well and be promoted on the social network.

Become a broadcaster